Arriving at the Clinic / Before your Appointment

- Wait in the lobby of the building or your car until 5-10 minutes before your appointment time. Please only come up to the clinic 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This helps to limit the number of people waiting within the clinic, but will allow us enough time to take care of the payment in advance of your appointment.

- Masking is currently optional for all clinic staff, practitioners, and patients attending an appointment.  If you do not have a mask and would like to wear one for your appointment, we will provide you one at reception. If you would like to have your practitioner wear a mask, please let us know by email, phone, or when in for your appointment.  Anyone with presenting with symptoms on the day of their appointment will either be asked to wear a mask or reschedule. f you have questions about attending your appointment due to illness, please reach out by email prior to your appointment.

Contactless payment is available and we will send you your receipt by email. We can also process payment using credit card, debit card, etc. if that is preferred.

- Upon entering the clinic, we recommend using one of our hand sanitizers.  There are bottles of hand sanitizer throughout the reception.

- While we still try to stagger our appointment start times, there may be certain times that are busier in the clinic reception. If you prefer, we do have a second waiting room which you can wait in. Please ask at the front desk for directions to this space.


During and After your Appointment

- Your health care practitioner will have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized all contact surfaces, counter tops, treatment tables, stools, etc that you may come into contact with. They will also be wearing a face mask, if requested.

- A True HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter will remain in operation during the length of your appoinmtment. These filters operate constantly in all areas of the clinic including the reception and gym.

We take your health seriously. Our staff have followed the most up to date research and guidance on minimizing transmission risk for COVID-19.  If you would like to better understand the COVID-19 virus and learn how to keep yourself safe, please visit the Ottawa Public Health or Health Canada websites.


Paying in Advance for Your Appointment and Booking Follow-Up Appointments

- We encourage you to consider pre-paying for your appointment. You can send an e-transfer to which is a registered auto deposit account for our clinic. You’ll receive immediate confirmation of receipt of funds without the need for a security question.

The appointment fee associated with the appointment you are booked for can be found in the online booking portal. You can book follow-up appointments, cancel appointments, upload forms/documents (imaging, reports etc.), and see your billing in this same online booking portal. Your therapist/health care practitioner will discuss with you the most appropriate time interval in which to follow up.

- You’ll receive your receipt by email after your appointment.